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Anglo-European School, Essex

I am a geography teacher responsible for all of the Enterprise education at school, and like most teachers with extra responsibilities, have little time in which to deliver this. From the moment I contacted  WizeUp I felt totally at ease, Ed listened to my requirements and immediately responded with a variety of options  and suggestions to suit. Wizeup products and services can be an extremely useful off the shelf option but what makes them stand out is their flexibility, willingness and ability to accommodate individual school’s requirements.

When I initially spoke to Ed 3 years ago about WizeUp participating in a new Enterprise education day about the world of work for our year 11 students, he not only agreed to help facilitate the day, but offered to deliver whatever type of workshop we wanted – that’s flexibility!

The overall aim of WOW is to better equip our students to be more competitive and influential in the increasingly global world of work. More specifically, it is to give our students an insight into the skills and attitudes required for the world of work and to give them the opportunity to practise, develop  and demonstrate these in a familiar environment BUT with unknown professionals. All students attend in business dress and participate in a number of employability skills workshops as well as a mock interview with an external professional who gives invaluable personal verbal and written feedback to each student.  WizeUp supports us all day in delivering not only an interviewing skills workshop  but then a  financial skills workshop.

Delivering a day such as this to a whole year group of 210 students is no mean feat and Ed Flack / WizeUp is key to not only informing and inspiring our students but enabling myself as the organiser to focus on the inevitable “on the day” small issues rather than worrying about what is happening in the classroom!



Berkhamsted School, Hertfordshire

“My experience of dealing with WizeUp was exemplary.  From an initial enquiry to the delivery of the session to the students the levels of communication were excellent and Ed was very accommodating about putting together a session in response the specific topics requested by our students.  The talk on the day was interactive and highly informative and I am sure that the students will make use of the wide-range of information and support that Wizeup offer as a follow-up to the talk.  I shall definitely be asking Ed back to speak to the students next year.”

Mary-Clare Startin, Deputy Head, Sixth Form


Claires Court School, Berkshire

“Many thanks to the WizeUp team for the informative workshops given to our Year 12 students during their Activity Week. You answered their questions in a language they could understand and I am confident they and their parents will make use of the after service you offer. We will be inviting you back next year!”

Stephanie Rogers, Head of Year 12

Chigwell School, Essex

“Very interesting and useful. A great preparation for life at Uni”

Gabriel Inch, Head of Swallows House


Denstone College, Staffordshire

“The presentation was an overall success, the pupils came in with firm views on credit cards and in most cases no idea what a credit rating was and left more wiser about student finance in general. The part on student loans was particular insightful.”

Gemma Wright -  Head of PHSE


DLD College, London

“The WizeUp workshops on CV Writing and Interviews offered an invaluable contribution to our sixth-form PHSE and career advice programme. The workshops were well-structured and paced and were presented in a comprehensive and well-illustrated way. This allowed students to see an instant improvement on their CV writing and interview skills. All students were given free access to the WizeUp website to look at further resources and consolidate the material presented during the workshops. Our students’ feedback was very positive and no doubt we will be utilising WizeUp’s services in the future.”

Aris Rogkotis -  Director of Studies

Dorothy Goodman School, Leicestershire

“The students were really engaged and enjoyed learning about money management, which is a very important life skill. The WizeUp people are amazing, the children were focused all day and they – and I – learned a lot.”

Jo Linwood – Senior Life Skills Teacher

Guildford High School, Surrey

“Thank you for coming to speak to the girls yesterday. The feedback from both girls and staff has been really positive. Apparently the girls were doing their budgets in the common room later on yesterday and comments such as ‘It’s really depressing: I spend £300 and only have £100 coming in each month’ and ‘I spend so much money in Starbucks’ were heard to be made! I will reiterate the use of the website to them.”

Katie Banks – Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Holmer Green School, Buckinghamshire

Year 12 students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.
They felt the presenters were highly knowledgeable, informative and used a respectful, non-patronising tone throughout. They thought the content was relevant to their needs and many observed that they now feel more confident about personal finances. The section regarding accommodation issues was received particularly favourably. Quite a few students said they had not even given the topic a thought and had been quite surprised when reference was made to some landlords possibly being exploitative.
The students were asked also if they had any suggestions for further development and some said they would have welcomed a few group activities others however were more than happy to listen and learn – obviously individual differences re preferred learning styles.
I did not receive any negative feedback form the students and when I asked them if we should run it again for next year’s Yr 12s, the response was ‘definitely’ And I agree.

Lorraine Cuming, Head of Sixth Form


Hitchin Boys School, Hertfordshire

“Ed Flack from WizeUp gave an excellent presentation to the parents of Hitchin Boys’ School Year 12.  They really had their eyes opened to the costs of sending a child to university and gained a good understanding of the technicalities of the process.  Ed was able to offer useful advice both in general and for specific cases.”

Martin Brown – Head


John Cleveland College, Leicestershire

“Students really get something out of these sessions as the speakers have credibility as real business people who work in the real world. The feedback from students has been very positive, they have come away with some good ideas for the next stage of their careers.”

Karen Greenwood – Assistant Head of Post 16


John Lyon School, Middlesex

“The boys found it useful and I am sure they will be making use of the website.
We will certainly be inviting you back.”

Seth Bolderow – Head of Sixth Form


King’s School Bruton, Somerset

Thank you for coming. You managed to turn the complexity of student finance in to a gripping delivery that had them laughing and sitting on the edge of their seats. You simplified it beautifully and whilst they may not remember everything you said, at least they know where they can find help on your website. You are very welcome to return to talk to our Lower Sixth next year.

Alison Grant – Second Deputy Head


New Hall School, Essex

“The delivery was well structured and realistic.  Some of the students are aware of many aspects of their finances but there were very pertinent points about sharing accounts at university and the ways to avoid being on a bad creditor list.  Also many of our students do not need to deal with money at the moment but there may not be an endless pit of money at university.  In the light of the diverse needs of the audience I thought that the talk was pitched appropriately.”

Moira Walker – Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Parmiters School, Hertfordshire

“Just a little feedback on your excellent sessions. The pupils have expressed that your sessions were the most beneficial ones of the whole three weeks, I am so pleased!”

Caron Beary – PSHE Co-ordinator


Portland Place School, London

“The Banking and Budgeting workshops were essential for our students and were delivered in a dynamic and memorable way. The students loved the business-style layout of the room and the mature, professional approach – it felt like a business seminar, not a lesson. Ed is a no-nonsense facilitator with high expectations and he treated the students like adults. I would recommend WizeUp to any Upper School classes.”

Heather Wilson – Head of PSHE

“WizeUp provides the missing link so sadly lacking in the curriculum for a raft of essential skills from personal finance to getting organised for job interviews. Their pragmatic and inclusive approach supported by a range of materials was absolutely essential and I will be booking them again.”

Paul Jones – Head of Sixth Form


Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Cumbria

“This is to formally express our thanks for the excellent work which you and Mike Spooner did with our students yesterday. You managed to engage their interest very quickly and covered a lot of very valuable material. You helped them clarify their thinking and will have enabled them to make much more informed choices about their future. The students were still buzzing with excitement this morning and everybody we asked told us how useful the presentations and discussions had been.

You were also able to explain the complexities of student finance to a large audience of parents who also commented how helpful it was. I very much hope that we will be able to work together again in the future.

Maria Bates – Assistant Headteacher


Reading School, Berkshire

“All was very positive – the only criticism was that the second part re NI and tax was too rushed – although I appreciate that you were doing your best to give us value for money by covering two topics during the session.
As I said at the time, your approach was excellent – you struck just the right note with our boys, so they were engaged: they liked the practical interview starter, it really grabbed their attention.”

Caroline Fooks – Head of PHSE


Reading Blue Coat, Berkshire

“Ed delivered a comprehensive and detailed description of the key areas that students needed to handle carefully when dealing with their finances. What was pleasing was the way that he was able to convey this to them in a way that they could grasp and take away. Many of the students freely admitted that they were not necessarily aware of the impact that some of their actions had on their future finances prior to the talk which proved very valuable in opening their eyes.”

Phil Wise – Head of Sixth Form


Royal Masonic School, Hertfordshire

“Thanks for your presentation, I’ve had lots of positive feedback from the girls.”

Nicole Wade – Head of Sixth Form


St. George’s C of E Foundation School, Kent

“Having spoken with all year 12′s on Wednesday they found the day very informative, and enjoyed the CV and interview workshops. Many are now thinking about next year and the future, and those who have interviews for part time jobs or for apprenticeships are going to re look at the key points on your website.”

Sarah Kirby – Head of Sixth Form


St. Margaret’s School, Devon

“The workshops enabled our students to understand the financial choices facing them as they leave school and the implications of these choices – it is good to have such an engaging speaker who can give them a different perspective and the feedback has been extremely positive. We will certainly be inviting WizeUp again in the future and appreciate the quality of the resources provided.”

Bridget Hutchings – Head of Sixth Form


St. Martha’s School, Hertfordshire

“I thoroughly recommend the financial management sessions delivered by ‘WizeUp’. Our sixth formers found the talks to be really informative and interesting, and they came to realise how much they had been in the dark on issues such as student loans, budgeting and credit cards. The organisation is extremely professional and the resources students are given access to are well pitched and relevant to enable them to make informed judgements about issues that will affect them at university and beyond. Thank you to Ed for all you did to make the day a stress-free success!”

Dawn Williams – Head of English


St. Thomas More Senior School, Bedfordshire

“It was a great day and the students spoke highly of the sessions. Hope we can run a similar event in the future.”

Carole Soraghan – Head of Sixth Form


Solihull School, West Midlands

“The Upper 6th Ones workshops were well received -  student finance, credit cards and credit ratings were all very helpful.”

Ben Sandford-Smith – Head of Sixth Form


Tiffin Girls School, London

I would first like to thank you for teaching us about CV writing because your help aided me in writing my first CV for an eye receptionist job. Well, my CV was against a lot of top candidates from my school and I am one of the lucky ones who have been contacted for an interview. I want to get this job very badly and I visited the WizeUp website for interview practice questions.

A.K. – Year 10 student


The Voyager Academy , Cambridgeshire

“Students found the workshops informative, entertaining and engaging.  I really feel that Ed gave the students a lot to think about especially when  applying for jobs and attending interviews.  He really made the students  see the processes very differently  from what they imagined.  It was a successful morning and the students enjoyed their time with Ed.

Sarah Olsen, Sixth Form Co-Ordinator


Trent College, Nottinghamshire

“Students were engaged and found the session valuable -  a few of our students found it quite challenging to concentrate on a listening activity for an hour, even though they appreciated the relevance and value the content. They were very impressed with the after service however and I really hope they follow up when questions rise to the surface.”

Christine Rayfield – Head of Sixth Form


Ullswater Community College, CumbriaImage result for ullswater community college

“School leavers today face complex financial issues, especially when they leave home for university or begin employment. Ed’s knowledge and enthusiasm gives them an opportunity to get prepared for life after Sixth Form. We are very grateful to Penrith Building Society whose financial support allows the yearly event to occur. The students were enthusiastic to have the opportunity to quiz an expert and gain practical knowledge that will help them for life.”

Sessions were tailored to meet Year 12’s varied aspirations whether that be: University, employment, apprenticeship or a gap year. Workshops focused on the financial implications of studying for a degree, what to look out for when opening a student bank account and knowledge about financial aspects of renting property or sharing a flat. Other sessions covered taxation, credit ratings as well as pay day loans and practical tips on how to start saving and investing for the future.

Rob Jackson Head of Sixth Form

“Mr Flack has an impressive wealth of knowledge on the financial issues that we as teenagers face.  I learnt a lot about how to deal with financial problems and about the dangers and benefits of having a credit card at my age. I think I am now more aware of the consequences of debt and the ways to prevent falling into financial difficulties. As students’ we are really grateful to Penrith Building Society for sponsoring this informative day at UCC.”

Tilly Bird - Ullswater Sixth Form Student



Whitgift School, Surrey

“Thank you – your presentation was really well received by the boys and we look forward to seeing you again next term.”

Mavis Bye – Careers Department


West Ham United F.C.

“The students were really engaged  and got a huge amount from the workshops.”

Paul Tighe – Head of Academy Education