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Activities ….

These are designed to complement the classwork that has been done. All of the activities come with the materials needed to make them successful. Some are open ended to allow any extra time that might be available to be used usefully.



Earnings and Stoppages

  • Group session looking at a payslip
    • Dummy payslip supplied – can be printed directly.
  • Calculation of stoppages
    • Working out how much tax and national insurance a fictional person should pay
  • Group discussion on ‘should we pay tax’. Also ‘Should we support people that can’t afford to pay for themselves’.

Savings and Investment

  • Place different savings and investment products into a 4 square grid.
  • Mathematical type question based on the effects of inflation highlighting real rate of return.

Credit and Debt

  • Calculation of APR
    • Putting different loans into order of headline interest rate
    • Putting the same loans into order of how much interest is paid
  • Looking at what type of loan is most suitable for what type of product

Finance and Fraud

  • Multi-question team quiz covering all aspects of this element.