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Activities ….

These are designed to complement the classwork that has been done. All of the activities come with the materials needed to make them successful. Some are open ended to allow any extra time that might be available to be used usefully.



History and Uses of Money

  • Currencies of the world quiz – slides with country flags/names on – match them to the currencies on the supplied sheet
  • Exchange rate conversion – What does £500 buy us when we go on holiday? Calculate the currency equivalents for popular holiday destinations. Changing it back when we get home.
  • What type of payment? Match the best payment types to different transactions.

Earnings and Spending

  • Multiple choice quiz on earnings and costs – can be answered individually or as a team.
  • What type of bank? These are what Mr. Jones needs to run his life efficiently. What type of account should he go for?
  • Looking at a bank statement together – understanding what is written both online and on paper.

Budgeting and Saving

  • Budget game – lots of items with fixed costs. Give the class an income figure and ask them to make a budget. Change the earnings and see how the budget has to change. Opportunity to throw in some curve balls like inflation.
  • Look at a real student budget.