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Topics ….

The History and Uses of Money, Earnings and Spending, Budgeting and Saving. These can be delivered in eight to nine lessons of 45 minutes each.



History and Uses of Money – 3 lessons

  • Standard units of money
    • How did it all start?
    • Looking at what is legal tender today
  • Currencies and exchange rates
    • Looking at various currencies around the world
    • Exchange rates – what are they, why do we need them and how do we use them?
    • Getting currency for holiday
  • Principles of borrowing and lending
    • Why borrow, why lend?
    • What is interest?
    • Why is interest different for different things?
  • Money transfer mechanism
    • Transferring money to companies and people.
    • How long does it take?
  • Forms of payment
    • Looking at all the different forms of payment and their uses.

Earnings and Spending – 2 lessons

  • Minimum wage
    • What is the minimum wage?
    • How it changes with age
  • Bank accounts and their alternatives
    • Do we need a bank account?
    • What are the alternatives to bank accounts?
    • How are they different?
    • Changing from one to another
  • Youth employment rules
    • There to protect you
    • Know your rights!
  • Cash in hand
    • What does it mean?
    • Is it legal?

Budgeting and Saving – 3 lessons

  • Needs versus wants
    • Covering the essentials
    • Planning for something extra
    • Unexpected costs
  • Setting Priorities
    • Do I really need this now?
    • Substituting one thing for another
  • Dealing with shortfalls
    • The budget doesn’t add up
    • What can I do to sort it out?
    • Re-budgeting
    • Changing needs
  • Interest and Inflation
    • Money for nothing – looking at interest
    • How can more be less? – Investigating the effects of inflation
    • Is inflation always bad?
  • Types of saving
    • Various products
    • Are they all suitable?
    • Changing from one to another